The project is one of the pieces of the tourist - digital information system realized between 2017 and 2018; from the Municipality of Bari as part of the 'Bari Guest Card 2.0' project which includes:

    the portal with 320 points of interest mapped on the metropolitan area of ​​Bari, and 15 accessible cultural and tourist itineraries;
    an application infrastructure for the subjects adhering to the circuit dedicated to reading the cards (automatic counting of the passage, discharge and transmission of data to the manager, visitor count);
    an Electronic Guide and a mobile App dedicated to the use of cultural contents by young people and adults;
    a Visitor Center, at the Civic Museum of Bari next inauguration (December 2018), equipped with Multi-touch monitors, interactive multimedia stations, devices for augmented reality (glass) and for teaching (tablet);
    200 signposts located outside the main places of interest to benefit from additional content and timely information.

In November 2018, Terra di Bari Guest Card collects the baton from the project 'Bari Guest Card 2.0' to start the experimentation on the operational management of the first electronic tourist map of the Land of Bari with the collaboration between the City, the Metropolitan City and the Chamber of Commerce of Bari .

Terra di Bari Guest Card will not simply be a tourist card for access to some cultural containers and participating establishments, at discounted rates but an instrument capable of:

• guarantee the full availability of cultural resources;

• to facilitate tourist accessibility and consolidation of the system of tourist services on a metropolitan scale;

• test the first "metropolitan digital tourism ecosystem" that allows all the operators involved in the tourist sector (both public and private) to know the behaviors and styles of consumption of visitors, and then plan effective tourism policies;

• develop the capacity to welcome and promote tourism in the entire metropolitan area of ​​Bari.

The primary objective of the Card is, moreover, to build an integrated metropolitan system for tourism, able to offer visitors the ease, flexibility and completeness of the offer, through the wide integration of the cultural and tourist operators of the area and the simplification in terms of access to information and services, through the creation of a telematic system for the promotion of cultural itineraries, the organization of reception and the full availability of cultural resources.

A single tourist card, therefore, with which tourists and visitors can access museums, castles, other cultural containers, shops and services.